Shantanu Bhagwat is partner and "Asia watcher" at Amadeus Capital Partners, a leading European VC firm whose string of succesful investments includes Cambridge Silicon Radio, Plastic Logic, Orchestream, and

Where should investors look for original innovation in India? Does a VC presence there really help the existing portfolio?
When will Amadeus start investing in India? Mr. Bhagwat talks to InnovationBlog about the investment environment in India, their latest fund, and the changing VC market in Europe.

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- How Amadeus views the India opportunity

- Whether an India presence helps portfolio companies

- Whether Amadeus' new fund will allow it to invest in India


- Current sentiment, and how the VC market is evolving

- Is VC becoming a global game for larger funds, and does this threaten Amadeus?

- Progress of Amadeus' mobile seed fund